Aristotle Philosophy Reflection Paper

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Nature is defined as the phenomena of the physical world that existed including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. Nature was also related to an existence of things such as the unseen world which is God, angels, air, and etc. In philosophical study, one of the branches which is metaphysics, the study of existence always connected with the nature. In this assignment, we believe that every natural things must have its own reason and cause.
Based on Aristotle’s thought, nature of each things in the world were determined by its own purposes and all things seek to fulfil their natures by carrying out these purposes. For him, everything real is a combination of
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Using Aristotle method, we will use “what we know” or “think we know” and “how we know” to seek to believe that the nature have some purposes. As example if we know about religion, we will seek to study about how do we know the religion, what makes we think we know the religion, and how can we make acceptance on religious concepts.
In his metaphysics, Aristotle developed the idea of a first cause , which was the idea that the nature was not itself caused by anything as the ultimate explanation of existence. By this, we can adopt this idea as a base argument for the nature of unseen which is the God and supernatural being. After that we ought to use our mind and senses to think, argue and believe about the purpose of the nature. Here, we can argue on the case of existence of the universe, who create the universe, why it must be created and what was it purpose.
However, in physics, Aristotle said that we can clearly see that plants also conducive to the end. For example, leaves was grow to provide shade for the fruit and plants send their roots down for the sake of nourishment. It is plain that the nature is a cause that operates for a purpose. (Clarke,
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