Aristotle Think Made A Good Life

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Aristotle wondered what made a good life. When Aristotle asked others what made their life good, the answer always included happiness. Aristotle wanted to create a way for people to look at their lives and use knowledge to judge what happiness is. Aristotle found that this task was nearly impossible because people have vastly different personalities and view circumstances differently. With the Doctrine of the Mean, Aristotle explains that to achieve happiness, one must create ethical values that are a balance between virtues and craft. To understand what he meant by this, one must unpack what Aristotle meant when he used the words mean, ethical, virtue, and craft. These words can all have different meanings or connotations depending on who is using them and what they are trying to convey with them. Textbook definitions along with understanding the body of work that is being studied can bring understanding to the intention of these words. Looking at Aristotle’s use of “mean”, one could assume based on the substance of his paper that he meant average similar to a mathematical term. What Aristotle intended readers to understand that “the mean is to be determined in a way that takes into account the particular circumstances of the individual” (Dictionary of Philosophy, D. Runes, 1941) and “the intermediate point is chosen by an expert in any of the crafts will vary from one situation to another” (Dictionary of Philosophy, D. Runes, 1941). One can look to most
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