Aristotle View On Friendship

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Friendship is an important asset in the world we live in, the young needs friendship to retain them from error, older people need it to care for them and those in their prime time need it, to do fine actions. No one would choose to live without friends because friendship is very important and it holds cities together.

The philosopher, Aristotle quoted friendship has “A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Aristotle takes the concept of friendship to a major level. His concept of friendship is assertive and comprehensive. Subsequently, Aristotle divided each concept into three sections or in other words three types of friendship. He first distinguishes and contrasts the three types of friendships. More importantly Aristotle takes into consideration that friendship is a necessity to live, however, it is not only necessary, but also fine. He also characterizes friendship as a virtue and as just. The three different types of friendship correspond to the three objects of love, which are, things that are useful (advantage friendship), things that are pleasant (pleasure friendship), and finally the third, things that are good (good friendship).

Firstly, Aristotle observed advantage friendship as a type of friendship that the friend is not loved for his or her own sake, however, they are loved for the sake of some good obtained from the other. This friendship does not last according to Aristotle due to the purpose that once the benefit of the good in the friendship comes to an end, so does the friendship, in other words, their pleasure in each other no longer goes beyond their expectations of advantage. For each individual finds the other pleasant only to the point that each would expect some good for themselves. Individuals with these types of friendship, take satisfaction from each other’s company just for their own sake. To elaborate a more practical name for this type of friendship would be an acquaintance. Hence such people do not find each other advantageous, therefore they have no need to meet. This type of friendship can be seen amongst older people, seeing that at that age they seek for what is advantageous. In brief, friendship of utility is often between opposite people, and is based on something that
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