Aristotle and Plato "Ideal Government"

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Aristotle and Plato had this idea in their minds that there was an Ideal Government. Meaning that there was a way for someone or a group of people to perfectly control a community where everybody would have equal rights, there would be no fights and everything was perfectly under control. As of right now we believe that there is no possible way for somebody to do that, but back then Aristotle and Plato believed that they were perfectly right. Since both Aristotle and Plato were people who explored psychology and theories the majority of people believed them to be correct. Both people were people that were revered by some but not always. Now we know that, at the time, many people were afraid of change so they wouldn't always listen to things that went on. In order to understand their similarities and differences we must first know who Plato and Aristotle were. As well as the governments they lived in. Both of these political philosophers lived under an Athenian democracy which was one of the first democracies that were made in the world. At that time period this was a very big thing. Not to mention that it was, at the time, an open democracy which meant that only males could join and vote, but it was all the males which meant that at the time it was a very big step in human rights. Although to vote they had to be male adult citizens which was not a very large percentage of the whole population. They also had to had completed their military training before hand. People that

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