Aristotle 's Nicomachean Ethics : Friendship

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The concept of friendship and what makes a friendship may seem simple depending on what people look for in friendships. Some people may have friendships that are solely based on pleasure or it is because it is useful to them in their time of need or a friendship that gives the person both pleasure and usefulness. A person may have these types of friendships with different people. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, brings up what the best kind of friendship is. A long-lasting friendship is the best kind (Aristotle 221). This is an important concept when it comes living a good and ethical life. It is not only important to know why some friendships do not last long, but it may also help a person figure out if the friendship they have with…show more content…
I have had several friendships based on pleasure. In high school, I had several friends on the track and field team because we shared a common interest and enjoyed it. This was not the best kind of friendship because it was not only a bond based on pleasure and interests in track, but it was also not long-lasting. I have not talked to some of these friends since senior year of high school. Even though we had common interests, it does not mean I trusted them when it came to personal things. I think that many people in their lifetime have many friendships based on pleasure. Something that is pleasurable to one person may be harmful to another. An example of this is when someone cheats on their significant other with that person’s friend. The one who is cheating with their significant other’s friend may find pleasure in this, but the person who is being cheating on is being affected negatively. This would also potentially cause a break in friendship because of their friend went behind their back and went after their friend’s significant other. Even though this is not the best kind of friendship, it still occurs because of human nature. Younger people guide their lives based on their emotions and pursue what they find enjoyable. Our emotions and interests are always changing with each passing year. Therefore, a friendship
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