Aristotle 's Philosophy On Good

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Aristotle viewpoint on good focuses more on whatever makes you happy is good like “a sculptor and his sculpt and the goodness of the eye is seeing” but to these are positive things also Aristotle introduces a moral principle often referred to as the golden mean that can be used to determine virtuous action in give two extremes or vices the virtue of generosity lies between the vices of stinginess and extravagance I question Aristotle’s ‘golden mean’ philosophy because if that be the case than happiness lies between misery and exuberance and Kant goes on and pushes the envelope a little further regarding the nature and origin of morality by adding goodwill or your motive behind your good by looking at what is in the heart of man that he would do good and perform all of these good deeds. Kant also argue that “an action has true moral worth only if it is motivated solely by good will, without regard to consequences or results” Kant’s summary is basically claiming that the moral worth of an action is determined by the nature of the intention that motivates the action and not by any external factor.
I believe Kant’s philosophy comes closer to classical Christianity more so than Aristotle because a man or woman may do good things like: attending church services regularly, giving tithes and offerings religiously and serving as an usher or singing in the choir but why is this person doing these things what is their motive behind their good and their good deeds? Is it to be seen or
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