Aristotle 's Realism Philosophy And Philosophy

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Aristotle’s Realism Philosophy

Realism is an educational philosophy; furthermore it is a teaching that stresses knowledge that develops from one 's own my opinion this is great idea for educational philosphy, because it shows that sense deveolpement is the realest possible learning to have. Under this philosophy the idea exists that there is a real world not constructed by human minds, that can be known by one 's own mind. It is through experiencing the world around everyone in which one learns the guiding principles and the conduct of life. Reality is what one experiences in the physical world. Therefore, everything one can learn and know comes from experiencing the world around us. Aristotle is considered by most to be one of the greatest realism philosophers. He was born in a Grecian colony at Stagira, 384 B.C. At birth he was born into a set life. His father, Nicomachus, had a position under the King Amyntas of Macedonia as court physician. Therefore, this could relate to how his education started off. It was thought that his ancestors held the same position under the King because this way the area of court physician could become hereditary.

Through the life of Aristotle, one would wonder how a mere thought of realism philosophy could impact the way education is practiced today. Aristotle 's way of life reflected the way he thought and what he wrote for the people to view and educate upon today. He has many philosophies that are used in the classroom today
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