Aristotle 's View Of Politics

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In order to understand what Aristotle means when he says man is a 'Zoon politikon ' it is essential to understand the concept and reasoning behind his writings of 'The politics ' as a whole. This essay intends to discuss Aristotle 's view of politics through the way in which he layers the fundamental concept of hierarchy of humans and natural societies to show that man by nature works for the common good. I will also discuss the conflicting views between the works of both Aristotle and Hobbes in order to grasp a greater understanding of the foundations which has shaped the politics of today.
Aristotle begins book one of 'The politics ' by stating "Every state is as we see a sort of partnership, and every partnership is formed with a view to some good (since all the actions of all mankind are done with a view to what they think to be good)." (Rackman.H, 1885, p3). He emphasises the idea that man is projected into intersubjective bonds which as a result makes him sociable, and naturally apart of the communitarian dimension whereby there is not only 'myself ' but 'ourselves '. Community and citizenship are factors in which Aristotle emphasizes as being natural to humans and thus by being part of a community and being a citizen, naturally everyone aims for the highest good and the most supreme of all is the polis. "It is therefore the state evident that, while all partnerships aim at some good, the partnership that is the most supreme of all and from the includes all the…
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