Aristotle 's Views On Life

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Throughout your life you meet all types of different people however there are only two categories of people who really matter. They are your friends and family. But, you can’t pick your family; you can pick your friends. According to Aristotle “human beings naturally seek others”. “Friendship is absolutely a necessity in life”. Friends come in all shaped and forms and sometimes things. Friend’s essentially made everything in life a bit easier. But, really how do people suddenly make friends and do Aristotle’s theories relate to us today or are they only meant for his time? Aristotle mentioned in chapter one that “it is not only a necessary thing, but a noble one as well. We praise those who love friends and having many friends, and having many friends seems to be something noble. Again, we think that the same people are good and are friends.” In this single segment Aristotle hits what is wrong with friendships today most specifically in popular cliques. It touches upon how people with less friends envy people with more friends. However still people today fall for this misconception that the more friends the better: this is highly influenced by social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Though Aristotle could never forecast how society can change he did have a good guess. In relationship with having many friends, he believed the quality beats quantity for better reasons. All relationships we know today or at least the close ones we have
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