Aristotle’S Philosophy. One Of The Greatest Philosophers,

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Aristotle’s Philosophy One of the greatest philosophers, Aristotle, continues to impact our society today. His theories are easily applied to ethical situations in business, and especially in accounting. Philosophy studies ideals of the meaning of life, truth, and knowledges. When in challenging situations ethics influence choices. Ethics are a crucial as we use them daily in all affairs, business and personal. Our ethics direct us to choose the most ethical solutions, even in events there is no one right or wrong answer. In this situation weighing the benefits of the different options and their outcomes assists in choosing the best course of action. Brief History Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was born 384 B.C. in northern Greece. His…show more content…
In other words, in order to be of good moral character one must behave morally in all things. Ethical Practices In the end, Aristotle’s teachings show us the difference between a virtuous and non-virtuous life: A life that is good and right in the eyes of men: A life that is just and fair rather than unjust and greedy. It all boils down to how a person behaves in society determines whether that person is truly happy with the outcome and ultimately how they have lived their lives. For greed is the downfall of many, yet I am almost certain it was never their intent to hurt others but rather how to increase their way of living to the fullest. However, the collateral damage can be felt company wide, as stakeholders lose their investments, employees lose their jobs, and suppliers feel the sting of lost revenue, and money owed them. Ethical Conduct In order to protect the interests of many, ethical conduct should be of the utmost importance. Companies should have a mission statement and policy that set the expectations for both management and personnel alike. Companies must screen and hire ethically sound individuals who can mirror their own goals with the company’s expectations. When companies leave this important step out of
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