Aristotle's Drug Addiction Research Paper

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Everything that is said above now can be related to a huge modern problem- drug abuse. Now, a lot of people, especially a younger crowd, live “in the moment.” They enjoy things today, without taking into account the future. Many make wrong choices, thinking that it will not affect their future. This is the first contradiction to Aristotle’s argument- happiness cannot be achieved until the end of one’s life. Needless to say, many don't even take into account ethical aspects of living, thinking that they are outdated and boring. Many follow their nutritive and sensitive instills forgetting their rational part of the soul, or using it only when they need it for their own benefit. True happiness depends on our intellectual meditation, thus realization of our rational…show more content…
All of the things, that make a life complete and happy can be lost because of drug usage. For example, friends and family will be in constant worry and struggle, money will be spend only on fulfillment of the addiction, and not on help of achieving the greater good. Most importantly, the most grand companion of achieving the good- time and health will be sacrificed for couples of hours of pleasure. Aristotle argued, that every action should be for the good itself to achieve the greater good. If one is addicted to drugs, then his action of gaining money is not for the greater good, it is for nourishing his harmful habit. This doesn’t fit into achieving happiness through virtue. There are a lot of cases, when good, prosperous people ruined they lives and the life of others because of drug abuse. Short- term illusion of happiness, that is not achieved through hard virtuous work, and causes addiction and harm can not be called “eudaimonia.” As Aristotle expresses it, pleasure is the natural accompaniment of unimpeded activity, where it is just an addition of happy life and not the ultimate
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