Arithmetic Mean and Excellent Banks

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Measuring Service Quality Using SERVQUAL

Introduction Measuring the quality of a service can be a very difficult exercise. Unlike product where there are specific specifications such as length, depth, width, weight, colour etc. a service can have numerous intangible or qualitative specifications. In addition there is there expectation of the customer with regards the service, which can vary considerably based on a range of factors such as prior experience, personal needs and what other people may have told them.

SERVQUAL – a methodology for measuring service quality As a way of trying to measure service quality, researchers have developed a methodology known as SERVQUAL – a perceived service quality questionnaire survey
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Please allocate 100 points among the five sets of features according to how important it is to you. Make sure the points add up to 100.

Features Points
1. The appearance of the banks physical facilities, equipment, personnel and communication materials.
2. The bank 's ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately
3. The banks willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.
4. The knowledge and courtesy of the bank 's employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.
5. The caring individual attention the bank provides its customers.
Total: 100

Table 2 - SERVQUAL Importance Weights

SERVQUAL Dimension Score from Table 1 Weighting from Table 2 Weighted Score
Average Weighted score:

Table 3 - Calculation of Weighted SERVQUAL Scores

Appendix A – the SERVQUAL Questionnaire

The Survey The questionnaire below is in two sections. The first section asks you to rank all banks according to your expectations i.e. what you expect all banks to provide. The second section asks you to rank the bank you chose for the survey according to your experiences and perceptions.

Expectations This section of the survey deals with your opinions of banks. Please show the extent to which you think

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