Arizona Career Goals

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I am currently entering my third-year at Arizona State double majoring in Political Science within the College of Liberal Arts and Science and Business, concentration in Public Service & Public Policy, with W.P. Carey School of Business. I haven’t decided yet if I want to add any certificates along with my majors. My long-term educational career goals are to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Public Policy. As far as my career goals, I wish to become Governor of Arizona to improve my community at the state level.
The most significant impact I have made in public service/policy has been working with Inspire Arizona. Inspire Arizona is a nonpartisan non-profit program that focuses on registering newly eligible voters, specifically high school juniors, and seniors. The organization is trying to increase voter registration among young people and making sure students build a habit of voting very early in their young life. This summer I had the experience of participating in a political campaign. I canvassed for Athena Salman who is running for House in the Arizona Legislature in District 26. This is my first real world experience in public service
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I will be a grading for a couple of political science courses for the semester. The hours I work depend on the amount of work assigned. Every week varies from 10-20 hours per week. Since my business degree has a concentration in Public Service and Public Policy, I am required to take this class, but nonetheless this is material I am very interested in learning more about. An expectation I have for this course is get a better understanding of how public service and public policy works and the process. I am excited for what the class has to offer and contribute some my experiences in class
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