Arizona Constitution

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The Implications of the Arizona Constitution






The American constitution plays a crucial role in delegating of laws in the country and it governs all citizens. On the other hand, a state’s constitution serves a similar purpose but only under the state’s jurisdiction. This constitution is the basis for other state laws including those of other sections of the state government. This implies that all the laws outlined by this constitution affect its organization, operations and maintenance. Actions carried out outside the constitutional boundaries are considered to be illegal. As such, the Arizona constitution has endeavored to effectively guide
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In addition, these entities are individualized and empowered to sue others and be sued in return. This makes it simple for citizens who have qualms with such corporations to seek the intervention of the law since they are treated as such entities under the law. As constitution directs the procedures and requirements for the formation of corporations, it similarly warns that failure to incorporate these conditions will make corporations non viable and their claims inadmissible in courts. Corporations are also limited by this article in their capacity to fund political actions and endeavors. Article 15 also addresses the same issue of corporations only its concern is on public service commissions. It is in this regard that this Article establishes the Arizona Corporation Commission (Arizona Corporation Commission, 2010). As entities formed with the sole purpose of offering necessary services to citizens, the commissions perform the role of regulating and providing public utilities. The constitution also indicates that these corporations are under state regulation which aids in creating accountability and effective operations in these bodies.

Finally, public education in Arizona is also another area which is strictly controlled by the Arizona constitution. This is inclusive of all types of schools be it elementary, middle or high schools. Included in this lot are also colleges and universities. In Article 11, these schools’ conduct
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