Arizona State Native American Reservations

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Over a quarter of the Arizona State is reservation land and it is the home to the majority of the Native American population with over 20 reservations. Some of the most notable reservation is the Hopi, whose villages are at the base and the top of three mesas. Other popular tribes in Arizona are the Tohono O’odham nation, San Carlos Apache, White Mountain Apache, Hualapai, Gila River, Colorado River, Havasupai and Kaibab Paiute Tribe (Nevada Indian Commission). Arizona Tribes have been divided into distinct groups, presumably Arizona tribes are associated with at least seven different lingual or dialectical groups and from this group’s different linguistics and customs evolved. Each of the Native American tribes has different ways of dressing, and way of living. For example the Quechan and Cocopah remained close geographically and culturally and the Dine and the Apache, grasp independent territory and customs, but their linguistic heritage persisted (A Brief History of Arizona's). In earlier times the Native Americans who resided in Arizona, lived of the natural resources provided by the land. For instance the Hopi was known for their great dry farming skills and their ability to adapt to the dry desert climate by using different agricultural practices. Today, agriculture continues to be an essential way of life for the Hopi, and managed to keep their culture intact. Many associate their success to their tribal isolated area that is surrounded by the Navajo (Hopi People).

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