Arizona State University Student Analysis

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I transferred to Arizona State University in the last semester, I felt I had a Fulfilling campus life in the whole fall semester. I love the campus environment and wonderful class atmosphere, the people who are in the campus are enthusiastic. In the beginning, I applied W.P Carey Business School as B.S major, however, because I did not reach B.S ‘s requirement, I was admitted by B. A’s major. I did not have SAT score, and my high school did not give students ranking wither, therefore, I could not get in my target major. I thought I did not had SAT score and I was not the most top students in our high school could not reflect my real ability, let me explain several reasons to prove I have enough ability to get in B.S’s majors. Firstly, I got high predicted scores when I studied IB courses in high school, I got 41 (full marks 45) in my final predicted score and my last three mock exam’s scores were on the rise. Not only my high school scores, but also my college grades have proved me I have enough study ability too. My freshman year was studied in SUNY Albany, both semesters I got in school’s Dean list by good academic record. My first semester GPA was around 3.3, and my…show more content…
He is a successful banker in China, he is my icon and playing an essential role in my life to inspire my interest in Business. When I was studied in elementary school, my father took me to his workplace at weekend because he needed to work overtime. I fell in love with the bank inside environment. I admired that my father can work in such a place. I was so looking forward to work in bank from that time. When I was grade 11, I chose Business and Management course, from this course I found I was interested in Accounting field. Therefore, I chose Accountancy to be my major in my Freshman year. After I transferred to ASU, I hope I can still study Accounting. My second choice is Finance, because this major is also close relative to
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