Arizona Traffic Problem

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One of the several problems in Surprise Arizona is traffic accidents. These traffic accidents are typically caused by speeding, distracted driving, not following traffic rules.
Everyone is affected by traffic accidents. The driver and passengers of the vehicles involved are affected because they could be injured and their personal time would be taken away. The families of the people involved are also emotionally affected if anyone was injured or killed. Traffic accidents cause issues with money and insurance depending on who caused the accident and the extent of the damage.
Traffic accidents occur mainly at intersections. There are accidents seen along a street, but the majority are on intersections due to people beating the red light, drunk
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It will also be helpful to modify the traffic lights to make them more visible. Upgraded speed cameras will control most people that speed by taking a picture of their license plate and vehicle and giving them a moving violation ticket. Control officers will catch any drivers who are not following traffic laws and will give them a ticket as well. Safety programs in vehicles will help people to do things more safely such as making a call or sending a message. An all-red clearance light will cause all the lights on the intersection to stay red for at least five seconds to ensure that vehicles on all sides are stopped. Making the traffic lights in Surprise more visible whether it be making the lights larger, or switching out the bulbs with stronger, more opaque lights, will also help reduce the number of traffic accidents. The cost for the speed cameras, control officers, dynamic message boards, and implementing an all-red clearance interval have been calculated, however the cost of safety programs in vehicles and modifying current traffic lights are to be determined.
Traffic accidents are become an increasing issue in Surprise Arizona. These accidents have several causes such as distracted driving, drunk drivers, speeding, and more.The drivers, passengers, and families are affected whenever an accident occurs. Accidents are time consuming and they cause injuries, death, money issues, and traffic. If implemented, the proposed solutions will reduce the amount of traffic accidents that occur in Surprise
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