Arizona 's Immigration Law Encourages Racial Profiling

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Arizona’s Immigration law Encourages Racial Profiling (Rhetorical Analysis)

The author Marjorie Chon uses Pathos, Logos, Ethos, and Community and Conversation in order to write a paper. The article states her credibility using Ethos in the beginning of the first paragraph so the reader will know that she is a trusted source. Logos is used at the beginning of the article to state the laws that are provided for illegal immigrants to show how strict the law enforcement is on the illegal immigrants and how unfair it is to them. The second paragraph uses pathos to sway the reader’s viewpoint on the immigration laws by creating a feeling of sympathy or empathy for the illegal immigrants. The third paragraph uses Community and Conversation to inform the reader on what groups in the community are helping illegal immigrants and what actions are being taken place in order to change the law.

Ethos is used to prove the credibility of a source so the audience will know that the author knows what she/he is talking about. In the article it states that that Marjorie Cohn “is a Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of law and a contributor to the journal the JURIST” (page1 paragraph 1). This show the reader that she is qualified to talk about law and is a trusted source to get opinions on how the Arizona’s law encourages racial profiling. She believes that the bill will cost the state to lose a major part of inexpensive labor from the undocumented immigrants, the…
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