Arizona's Laws on Immigration Essay

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Arizona's Laws on Immigration
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In the article titled "Dying to Work" there is an excellent quote given by Rep. Kolbe says, “There are no two countries in the world that share a border where the economic disparities are greater than between the U.S. and Mexico.” (AZ Republic, 2002) My paper draws on the information from the “Worldwide Refugee Information: Country Report: Mexico” written in 2000 and the article titled “Dying to Work: The Arizona Republic” written in 2001. Both of these articles give numerous information about the Mexican Immigrants and refugees. I am focusing on the illegal Mexican immigrants as well as refugees that enter the U.S. through refugee status, because living in Arizona, there are
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Although the USCR tries to help all the people that they possibly can, it would be impossible for them to help all the refugees that are currently in Mexico. USCR (2002) quoted that there were 432 asylum seekers filed in Mexico, which is an increase of over 50 percent from 2002. As Mexico remains to day to continue to be a poverty stricken country, the percentage rate will continue to increase, as will the illegal immigrants that cross the border each day to search for hope, because they are unable to obtain refugee status.

For illegal immigrants, it is very dangerous for them to come across. They are risking their lives and their families’ lives in search for work. In the deserts that they cross are robbers, murders, no water and no food. The AZ Republic (2003) estimated that in a year’s time, approximately one million people will get caught trying to sneak illegally into the U.S., and over 1000 will die. According to the USCR (2002), in July, Mexico began a campaign to amplify the immigration enforcement at the southern border. The called their campaign “Plan Sur”, and it was aimed at stopping numerous illegal immigrants from stepping foot into the U.S. After September 11, hundreds more were deployed to watch the border from illegal immigrants. Also, The INS has the border wired with high-tech gizmos and practically 10,000 agents to slash the stream
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