Ark Drawing: The Ark Of The Covenant

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Ark Drawing
The Ark of the Covenant is a holy relic told to hold the two tablets that have the ten commandments in it. God told Moses to make it that is what he did. It was a physical object like the Golden Cow, but God told the people to make it. The Ark helped the Israelites through tough times. It was so powerful that if certain people were to look at it they would die. One day the Israelites were taking the Ark to from Shiloh to Even-Ezra and it was captured by the Philistines. The Philistines then took it to one of their temples that worshipped their god Dagon. One day the Philistine checked on the covenant and found it turned upside down with one of the angels broken off. They then fixed the angel and set it up right. The next day they
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