Ark of the Covenant

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Ark of the Covenant

Notorious for its significance, the Ark of the Covenant is perhaps one of the most sought after artifacts of ancient biblical history. The mystique which surrounds the history of the Ark feeds the hunger of historians and archaeologists abroad. To gain a better understanding of the Ark of the Covenant, a short historical synopsis will be needed. In the pages to follow you will learn about the origin, journey and disappearance of the Ark.
According to the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant was made of acacia or shittah-tree wood overlaid with gold. It was a cubit and a half in width and height, while two cubits in length. Atop this ornate box sat two cherubim facing one another, wings outstretched, forming the Mercy
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The Kothites were instructed by the LORD to take the Ark to the center of the river once he parted the waters. When they did this the people then passed through the river bed to the other side. When everyone crossed over safely, the Kothites proceeded to the other side. Once the Ark and the people were on dry land the flood waters of the Jordan filled the river bed. Later accounts of the Ark were at the Fall of Jericho and the Canaan Campaign, where it was used as a "War Palladium." The people thought the Ark would bring them victory, and presented them with the confidence they needed to be successful in their campaign. Unfortunately, this wasn't to always be true. During the reign of King Saul the Ark was captured by the Philistines. Their possession of the Ark would prove to be very consequential. People started developing tumors on their bodies and dying. This was in part due to the mishandling of the Ark. Anyone who was remotely involved was punished. It wasn't until such time that the Ark was delivered to Beth Shemesh where the people gave sacrifices to the LORD and burnt offerings did the turmoil subside. The Ark was then recovered by the Israelites and taken to Kiriath Jearim, where it resided for many years. Finally the Ark was taken to Jerusalem where it stayed until its mysterious disappearance.
There are many theories concerning the Ark's disappearance. Did the LORD take it back to Heaven? Was it destroyed? Did the Israelites bury it to never be found
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