Arkansas State University : A Long Way Over The Years

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Arkansas state university has a long history that goes back many years, at one time it was not even a college. It has come a long way over the years and here is a brief history of the school. Arkansas state university was founded in April, 1909, by Act 100 of the 37th Arkansas General Assembly as 1 of 4 AR high schools to teach agriculture, horticulture, and the art of textile manufacturing. Victor C. Kays was hired as the 1st principle, he soon began hiring staff. The staff was made of a secretary, a superintendent of farms, and a superintendent of residence halls. Any work not done by staff was done by the students, who paid no tuition, but had to work on the school campus. Despite its agricultural focus, it
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12, 1931, the first day of spring semester classes. In spite of the total loss, the Principal found temporary class locations around campus, and classes continued on schedule. Construction began immediately on a new Administration/Classroom Building, which opened in 1932. It was named Wilson Hall, after Trustee R. E. Lee Wilson, who provided most of the men, equipment, and mules for the construction of the new building. By the 1930s, the academic program had changed into a 4 year college. The following year, the name was changed to Arkansas State College. Graduate programs at the master 's level were offered beginning in 1955, and that year saw a major change. Walter Strong, Fred Turner, and Larry Williams became the 1st black students on campus and, although Williams dropped out before graduating, Strong and Turner went on to become the first black graduates. In 1970, Turner returned to the campus as the 1st black ROTC instructor. During the 1950s, Arkansas State 's growths rapidly outgrow other schools. The school began comparing itself to the University of Arkansas. Thus, as the 50th anniversary of the school approached, they began a campaign to get university status. They were successful eight years later. On Jan. 17, 1967, the college became Arkansas State University.
Description of college
This is a brief description of the school as it is now
It is a both gender school, it is public, it is in Jonesboro AR,

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