Arkhamnetwork Experience

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Experience as staff: ArkamNetwork: On the arkhamnetwork my staff rank was Trial helper. My job was to control the chat, punish rule breakers and record hackers that I see. I was a staff member on arkham for about 3 weeks. I have a lot of experience being staff on a big network with multiple servers like Arkham. Everyone on the staff team needed to have a google document which there he would put his punishments on players. I loved being staff on arkham because there weren't that many cheaters, but there were so many other rule breakers that I punished. I was mentored by a Moderator. He learned be the basic things I have to do to succeed at being a Chat-Moderator or else Trial Helper. I loved being staff and I will never forget all the experience…show more content…
I was staff for almost 1 month. I loved that I got accepted because I was trying to be a staff member on their prison server but the owner of prison didn't like me so I was kept getting denied, so I applied for skyblock and got accepted. I loved staffing there because I was the most active staff member, and I was told by higher staff that I was the best staff member of SkyBlock. I was really happy but it turns out that one of the network-owners demoted me for toxicity when I was just messing around with other staff members on the factions server. I dont need to talk about this now because its the past, and I want to forget my past and learn new stuff. HypeMC: On hypemc I started with being a moderator, then got promoted to administrator and then Developer. Once I showed the only my skills we decided to make our small factions server a network that would have three servers. Factions, KitPvP and Prison. After creating the factions and kitpvp server we decided not to create the prison server because we didnt have a lot of players online. We had around 10-13 players without doing droppartys. When we had droppartys our player count was at
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