Arloa Sutter's Book Report

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The most challenging aspect from Arloa Sutter’s book for me personally would be the breakthrough of racial understanding. Since I grew up in the homogeneous culture of post-Soviet Ukraine, I was not aware about world wide racial tensions until moving to America. Eventually, we settled in the predominately white suburbs of Charlotte, NC and started attending a white American church. Over the years I simply remained unaware of my "own bias toward people who are not like us" (Sutter 2010, 200). Then I started noticing the existence of segregation between suburban and inner city communities, white and black churches, Latinos and black neighborhoods, and various immigrant groups. Even the fact that we joined the American church instead of a Russian-speaking one segregated my family from the Ukrainian immigrants community. On a contrary, I keep noticing that the European immigrants (like myself) have been treated with less bias than people of African or Middle East descent. Several years ago my wife and I decided to challenge myself by moving to California and learn how to live among people of various descents and cultural backgrounds. Even though living in the Greater Los Angeles…show more content…
One of the issues is that almost all Western missional leaders who come to Ukraine are white. Because Ukraine is recently becoming more diverse and open to other countries, the local church leaders that I am working with have to become more aware about other cultures and learn who to love and server people who are different. I plan to start introducing Ukrainians to cultural diversity by inviting people of color from the US to participate in various missional and leadership training events that take place in churches I work with. I also intend to provide for equipping local leaders in terms of racial diversity and dealing with the refugee crisis that currently happens in
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