Armand Pierre Fernandez Research Paper

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In 1928, French artist, Armand Pierre Fernandez was born in Nice, France. As a child he showed great talent in painting and drawing as his works were inspired by Vincent van Gogh (Citation). At a young age he signed all his works with his first name, Armand only, inspired by the way of van Gogh only signing his first name on all his works of art also (The Art Story, 3). The change in spelling of his name came later in 1958 when an art gallery miss spelled his name leaving out the “d” at the end. At first Armand was not too happy about the mistake; however, soon after he decide to use the mistake and to always be known as Arman (Art Connected, 1). At the start of his artistic career Arman was known as an abstract painter, later however, he got…show more content…
Another term that he used to explain his many works is the term “poubelle” which is French for garbage. Basically Arman would take everyday things that most people throw away and he would make art of it. He lived by the term, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In his earlier life, Arman had a great love and appreciation for music, so much that it helped inspire him to become an artist (Arman Studio, 2). He studied Art History at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Nice, France. In 1951 only three year of studying, Arman dropped out of Decoratifs to teach judo (modern martial arts) at a school in Madrid with his lifelong friend Yves Klein (The Art Story, 3). In 1953 Arman returned to his art of abstract painting. In 1954 Arman saw works by artist Kurt Schwitters, and became instantly inspired by his constructivism and readymade art. Soon after, Arman began working on rubber stamps, using them in many different ways to form art (The Art Story, 4). Pop Artiest Andy Warhol also had a great influence on Arman, as Warhol uses of color and contrast created an even wider imagination for Arman’s works. Arman went on to be known as one of the top readymade artist from the 1960s al; the way to his death in
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