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Armed and Dangerous For the purpose of this class, you asked us to read the book Armed and Dangerous: Memoirs of a Chicago Policewoman by Gina Gallo. I’ll be honest and admit that at first the book didn’t sound all too appealing, but it turned out to be an interesting and enjoyable read. Many of the chapters were highly interesting, taking an inside look at the duties of a Chicago police officer. Chapters dealt with illegal drugs, shady characters, brutal crimes, and other situations that police are part of every day. Gallo’s recollection of events is far more dramatic that that of other officers, but that is probably why the book was so enjoyable. Throughout the book the author takes readers on a roller coaster ride of…show more content…
trying to do the right thing." She gives devastatingly effective accounts of relations between "brother" officers and of trying to avoid being perceived as a "bimbo with a badge" or a "dog cop" (lazy or irredeemably greedy). While reading the book I kept imagining how difficult the job of being a police officer in Chicago and even more a female cop in the city. Over the last 30 years, the proportion of female police officers has grown steadily after some formal barriers were broken in the 1970’s. That being said women in the police force still face many issues and it is a topic for concern across the country. Policing is viewed as a male dominated profession, yet studies have shown that female officers are just as capable as males in handling situations and sometimes are even better. After her initial training was completed, Gallo was the first female recruit assigned to the rough South Side Chicago district in over three years. Many of her fellow male coworkers did not thing she would last. Little did they know that years later she would become a very decorated police officer. Page 44 of the book references how she was viewed as “a decoration” when first starting out on the job. I can only imagine that Gina was not the only female cop to be treated this way. However, more disturbing than the gender biases is the lack of professionalism within the Chicago Police Department which is discussed. I believe having a job where
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