Armed and Prepared: An Age of Defense Essay

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Thousands of kids roam a college campus - and it only takes one. No amount of preparation, staff training, or school-wide drills can prepare the university for something so terrible. This tragedy will forever change the way students and teachers operate the school. One man. One gun. And the sad part is that all of this can all be averted. For this reason, the law should consent to “licensed concealed carry” (carrying a weapon with a license) on campus. If students were allowed to defend themselves with their own weapons, they would. Teachers and students should be permitted to carry firearms onto the campus because the rule that bans weapons will not stop a shooter, it will greatly increase a person’s self–defense, and it can stop…show more content…
College rules have failed. Students must take matters into their own hands, because their own weapons might be what are necessary to protect their lives, and the lives of others.

A rise in crime on campus should be enough to enforce new laws that allow concealed weapons on campus, right? Not necessarily. Rick Jervis, a columnist for USA TODAY, writes that Utah so far is the only state that allows firearms on campus, even though there are several bills pushing for this issue. So what’s holding lawmakers back? Jervis adds, “Many legislatures are pushing for more bills that allow guns than prohibit them.” The propositions are there; they just aren’t passing. For their own self defense, students need these laws passed. If a shooter entered the campus and opened fire, what could teachers and students do about it? Nothing. They have no means to defend themselves because the law makes it that way. If laws allowed weapons in the past, what tragedies could have been averted? It is a completely different scenario if a shooter walked into a campus where several students and teachers carried concealed weapons. Starita Smith, a writer for the Progressive Media Project, argues that, “Allowing weapons on school is pointless, because the assailant will be in a position to surprise and overpower
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