Armenian Genocide A Systematic Attack On The Armenian People Or A Means Of Sustaining The Ottoman Empire From Destruction

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An Analysis of the Armenian Question: Was the Armenian Genocide a systematic attack on the Armenian people or a means of sustaining the Ottoman Empire from Destruction? Commencing in April of 1915, the Ottoman government systematically initiated the slaughter of the empires Armenian civilian population. Often referred by historians as the first genocide to occur in the twentieth century, the Armenian Genocide refers to the persecution of the Armenian people, with estimates believing there to have been anywhere between six hundred thousand to a million and a half dead by the time the genocide concluded in early 1923. The deaths of the Armenian people were carried out in an arguable attempt by the Ottoman government to create what would be …show more content…

To this day, the subject of the Armenian Genocide is controversial, splitting nations as well as researchers over the true nature of what happened and for what reasons. This research paper aims to examine the origins of the Armenian Genocide and what factors led to its conception. I utilize a number of primary sources in this research, including archival material from the Armenian National Institute that includes sources from both American and United Kingdoms governments. In addition, I also examine the accounts from those who witnessed the genocide first hand, an example being the memoir of Grigoris Balakian, an Armenian bishop who personally witnessed the persecution of his people. Through these works as well as several other secondary sources, I find evidence to support my argument that the Armenian Genocide was a pre-planned attack with the intention of exterminating the Armenian Christians. Therefore, despite the contention over its nature, the surrounding evidence and testimonies that have come forth help in making the argument that the Armenian massacres were a pre-conceived plan carried out by the Ottoman government and serves as the first true genocide to take place in the twentieth century. The Ancient Armenians Place in the Ottoman

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