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Protect Our People Please What do you do if someone is holding a gun in your face, and you have nothing to defend yourself with? Well that is the exact circumstance that we all have the chance of facing on a plane. Americans are expected to get on an airplane and feel safe and protected, but all that has happened on airplanes in the past ten years has left us fearful. We need to do something to make sure that we are safe on an airplane and that an American plane can never be hijacked again. We need to train and arm our pilots to ensure our safety on an airplane.
Airplanes are massive and very complex pieces of machinery, and they help us get to places more efficiently and cheaper than traditional ways. Although we have seen that if
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Nearly two-thirds of those whom we trust to operate huge jets safely are former military aviators with firearms training, and skills-testing would not be a problem.” Before
September 11 many people had never had any fear of terrorism assuming that “something like that can only happen in a movie”. These days, most people would think twice before boarding a plane. In my opinion arming pilots would increase people’s confidence in airline security if they carried a gun and not just a weapon. As an alternative to firearms some experts propose arming pilots with stun guns or guns equipped with specialized bullets. The projectiles would “disintegrate on impact” to ensure the safety of the aircraft. But they could do serious damage to the human body, which is fine in the case of hijackers. The planes cockpits already come equipped with crash axes, which could be used as weapons. (Scott, 3) A survey was given on October ninth asking how many people would agree to letting pilots be armed, and seventy five percent said arm our pilots.” The argument whether or not pilots should carry guns isn’t based upon facts and statistics, but on beliefs and assumptions. Obviously, a pilot carrying a gun reduces the possibility that hijackers could succeed in their task. Also, the majority of the American public feels safer just knowing that many pilots are beginning to carry weapons. For those passengers

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