Arming Teachers For Schools Are Being Targeted By Those With An Intent

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Cooper O’Connor Mrs. Forster Argumentative Essay 22 November, 2015 Arming Teachers Schools are being targeted by those with an intent to kill. A school should be a place that parents and the community feel is safe for kids. It is turning into the opposite, gunman are targeting schools because they are easy to attack and have a large amount of people. The best way to prevent attacks on schools is to scare the attackers away before they ever even show up. To scare away the attackers schools need to improve security and defense measures, in case of an attack. Arming teachers with guns would be a great way to improve security in schools. Arming teachers would help to prevent attacks from ever happening because attackers would be scared away, attackers would be more easily taken down, and the schools would feel safer. Arming teachers at schools may sound extreme, but the thought may help scare attackers away before they ever even attempt an attack. According to Trevor Z. Pittsley, a spokesman for Rep. Agema, "We have recent federal reports that al-Qaida is targeting our schools, which are sitting targets". Trevor explains that our schools appear to be defenseless to many. An attacker would much rather attack a place with minimal defenses because the likelihood of an effective attack is much higher. If teachers are trained to handle guns properly they would be a great defense at schools. A single resource officer at a school can only cover so much ground, but with teachers armed
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