Arms Control (Nuclear Disarmament)

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Arms Control (Nuclear Disarmament) Arms control refers to any international limitation or regulation where developing, testing, producing, deploying, or even using weapons is concerned on the basis that it is inevitable for some national military establishments to continue existing. This concept points to some type of collaboration between states that are antagonistic or competitive in general when it comes to military policy, in a bid to lower the chances of war and in the event of such, to limit its damage (Jones 4). From a broader perspective, arms control is a product of historical state practices involving disarmament that has seen many successes and challenges since the 20th century. The two terms have at some point been…show more content…
In the four decades following its entry into force, the NPT has ensured massive growth in the peaceful employment of nuclear energy. Nuclear applications in water resources, medicine, environmental management, disease prevention, and food security contribute to improvement of people’s lives around the world on a daily basis. Today, the benefits outlined in NPT’s Article IV have seen widespread acceptance by worldwide nations with the U.S. leading in commitment to ensuring that benefits accruing from peaceful application of nuclear energy get to be shared equitably amongst states exhibiting commitment to their NPT responsibilities (Browne, Shetty and Somerville 385). Moreover, the NPT has proved an important and integral part of sustaining progress in line with disarmament. This arises from the fact that NPT is the principal legal barrier to proliferation of nuclear weapons and its party states have vowed to have good faith in pursuing negotiations regarding effective measures as related to quickest possible cessation of the nuclear arms race and nuclear disarmament (Jones 11). In fact, since the NPT entered into effect, significant progress has been made on disarmament with treaties banning chemical and
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