Arms Room Sop

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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Unit Info AFVP-110-CO Date MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED SUBJECT: ARMS ROOM STANDING OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) 1. References. a. AR 19011, dtd 12 Feb 98, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives b. AR 19051, dtd 30 Sep 93, Security of Unclassified Army Property c. AR 7102, dtd 31 Oct 97, Inventory Management Supply Policy Below Wholesale Level d. DA PAM 71021, dtd 31 Dec 97, Using Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures) e. FH REG 1903, dtd 1 Sep 02, Administration and Management of Physical Security f. FH REG 19011, dtd…show more content…
(2) Prepare a DA Form 5513-R listing all keys/locks by serial number, location of locks and number of keys to each lock. Maintain a copy of this form in both key depositories (Arms Room keys only). (3) Conduct and record semiannual inventories of all keys and locks assigned (operational and alternate). Maintain key inventories for one year. (4) Ensure that inside doors of both entrance and issue windows are equipped with a sliding bolt-type lock or similar locking device, which can only be opened from inside the arms room (suggested FSN 5340006641372). (5) Brass locks will not be used in the arms room for anything other than the toolbox. e. Unit Physical Security Officer will: (1) Train, supervise, and assist the armorer and the assistant armorer in their duties. (2) Ensure the armorer and the assistant armorer attend the III Corps Armorer's Course. (3) Periodically inspect the arms room to ensure that responsible personnel are accomplishing regulatory requirements. (4) Ensure all officers, enlisted, and civilian personnel have undergone a local files check using DA Form 7281-R prior to their being granted unaccompanied access to the arms room. Ensure original DA Forms 7281-R (signed and annotated by the commander) are on file in the arms room. (5) Ensure an access roster is prepared and signed by the commander for ALL personnel granted
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