Armstrong Accountancy Essay

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Armstrong accountancy is United Kingdom based accountancy firm having a diverse and large client base. The Armstrong Accountancy firm has diverse and large client base of SMEs, sole traders, partnerships and charity accounts. The company deals in the auditing of group accounts and advice the individuals having high net worth with the planning and tax strategy. The accountancy firm is registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales to conduct audit (Armstrongs Chartered Accountants , 2016)
2.0 Leadership Skills for Sales Managers and Directors

2.1 Leadership skills
The managers of the sales department oversee all the crucial activities of the organisations. Sales managers and directors are responsible to manage the work force that is facilitating transactions on the front line with the customers. Therefore, a leadership skill in the sales managers and directors is a crucial aspect and helps the sales managers in motivating the team to with the ability enhances the skills of the teams and to inspire high performance and commitment from
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Execution criticism ought to distinguish aptitude holes, leading to training and future change.
Being the sales director and manager, where the sales managers and directors turn out to be more expelled from the everyday feel of the association, the sales managers and directors should set up great frameworks to have the capacity to screen execution. A suitable parity must be accomplished. Being eth leaders they are require adequate criticism from supervisors to value the general position of the business, yet it is additionally needed to permit the team the flexibility to have the capacity to deal with their assigned regions (Noonan, 2010).
Sales managers and sales directors can divide teams into two parts for motivating the team members i.e. evaluation and
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