Army Ants Research Paper

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Army Ants the most deadliest ants in the world! How do army ants hunt and what do they eat? Army ants cast about prey in large groups. Army ants seem nice until they get hungry and eat you whole. What do army ants eat? Army ants seize other ants, beetles, centipedes, grasshoppers, roaches, scorpions, spiders, tarantulas, snakes, lizards, and ground-nesting birds. Army ants consume so much prey that they must frequently move to a new area to find food. When army ants are in large groups they can eat animal 20 times their size. Army ants will eat anything in their path. They will eat your house to dust. What do army ants look like? Army ants can have yellow black or brown hair. They live in colonies to keep safe from their predators. When they
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