Army Camp Creative Writing

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A sense of accomplishment runs through me as I look around the assembly hall. Faces in the crowd are beaming and brimming with pride, for me, for my training corps, and for the mission we completed. For once I am not a face lost in the crowd. I’m the person on the stage standing with the 50 stars behind me. My quivering hands are clasped behind my back. The soft thud of boots coming closer echoes around the hall. The closer they come the more my shoulders rise and fall. Soon the echoes stop and worn army boots are stationed toe to toe with my own. Something presses into my chest, directly under my pounding heart. Words are said but all I hear are inchorrent muffles. My vision tunnels to a barrel that is being extended towards me. My hand…show more content…
The open fire was surround by a circle of trees. Belongings lay scattered across the area. People scrambled around their make-shift camp, trying to escape. “Freeze.” I shouted over the commotion. There was a split second where everyone in the camp stopped moving before a panic erupted. With a renewed frenzy the illegal immigrants moved desperately trying to escape. I signalled for my unit to move forwards to the centre of the camp. I drew my gun and held it out, aiming it at the nearest illegal who was moving closer. The glint in the illegal immigrant’s eye was sadistic. He took slow, limped steps forwards. “Stay where you are!” I screamed as he came closer, panic bubbled in my chest. My hand moved to the trigger as he took more steps towards me. A crack echoed through the air, it was like wood hitting a metal bucket. The immigrant staggered backwards, taking in the force of a bullet through his chest before he collapsed to the ground. Looking down I see the stripes that I have earned. I hold my chest higher, eager to show off my accomplishment to the world, for what I have done has saved my country from someone terrible. I am helping to make America great
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