Army Corps Recruit Depot ( Mcrd ) Essay

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In one’s life, there is that one place that is the more memorable than any other place in the world. For the men and women who service their country, deploying would be the most memorable place. Before the long, vigorous months in the closest place to hell, these man and woman share the same place that of the ones who have not deployed called boot camp. In the Marine Corps, recruits go through 13 weeks of physical and mental challenges aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD). But through all 13 weeks of being push to the limits, every Marines who came from San Diego MCRD could say the most memorable part of the depot would be meeting the Drill Instructors, getting their meal from the chow hall, and completing the final challenge as a recruit, the Reaper. The first Friday, also known to all Marines as Black Friday, is one of most eerie experience a recruit will go through while aboard MCRD. As the recruits enters the squad bay, the recruit cannot help but notice the smell of shaving cream in the air, the cleanliness of the area, and the rows of bunk beds, commonly known as a rack, on each side of the room. As the recruits are rushed to drop the issued belongings in front of a rack, the only thought that is going through the yet broken down minds is the fear of the unknown. The unknown of who the drill instructors are going to be and the challenges that lay ahead. Immediately after droping their belongings, they are seated on the floor in front of the door, also known as a

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