Army Discipline Model

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The concept that I believe to be the most important to me is the Discipline Model. The reason the Discipline Model is important to me is that it works on many levels and can actually help to keep a troubled Airmen away from poor decisions that could destroy their carrier. From Course 15 prevention being the first stage states “ setting clear standards, establishing rapport and establishing a climate of accountability”, what these key actions mean to me is being that supervisor who takes the time to understand the Airmen or peers that I am either in charge of or work along with. Being a good troop for my supervisor means that I need to show them I have that accountability and are able to uphold the standards that are given to me.…show more content…
I think this is sometimes misinterpreted as we the supervisor can give our Airmen extra duties or make them work the weekends but only a commander has the ability to give punishment which is in Arena 3, whereas correction can address the bad behavior, punishment takes it to that next higher level, as Course 15 states “its purpose is to rehabilitate those how repeatedly or grievously violate standards”. Personally I believe that it good that we as enlisted or even most officers do not have that right to punish because it takes time to understand all the implications that go into a punishment. When I had my troubled airman I was called into the commander’s office along with my supervisor and his crew that he was deployed with, and with all five of us in there my commander asked each of us the situation to give him just cause to start the process of relieving this member from military service. Looking back on the situation all three parts of the discipline model were used with him and I try to think back if I could have been any better on the prevention arena with him. Looking into how I plan to change myself with this model is to pay more to attention in that first arena because it will help out both my Airmen and peers along with giving my supervisors a good feeling about trusting me to handle difficult situations, hopefully in the future I could possibly prevent this from
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