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World History Dr. Mahdavi History 101 Fall 2012 Study Guide For Mid-Term Examination The examination will consist of 5 essay questions of which one is mandatory to write upon (40 points). You may choose any other two to write about (30 points each) for a total of 100 points 93 - 100 A 73 - 76 C 90 - 92 A- 70 - 72 C- 87 - 89 B+ 67 - 69 D+ 83 - 86 B 63 - 66 D 80 - 82 B- 60 - 62 D- 77 - 79 C+ 59 or below F=0 In reviewing for the examination, focus your study on the following general topics: 1) 1.Examine the centralizing efforts in countries like France, Spain, and England. How and in what ways were they successful? Why was the Holy Roman Empire not as successful as other…show more content…
2:the results of early modern science were so powerful that some European intellectuals sought to overhaul moral, social, and potlitical thought by adapting scientific methods ad relying on reason rather than traditional cultural authoriteis. Their efforts weakened the influence of churches in western Europe and encouraged the development of secular values 4) 1:What were the major factors that were behind the western European exploration? 2: What developments and discoveries were important in this process? (Class notes and Bentley & Zeigler, Chap. 22) 1:The search for basic resources and lands suitable for cultivation of cash crops, the desire to establish new trade routes to asian markets, and the aspiration to expand the unfluence of Chirstianity 2:Development: ships sails( square sails takes advantage of a wind blowing from behind, triangular sail takes advantage were more maneuverable and could cath side winds as well as from behind) navigational equipment( magenetic compasses and astrobles), latitudes Discovery: knowledge of wind and currents, volta do mar( mediterranean to canaray islands(N.EAST) canary island to portugal (West winds) then turned east to return home) 5) Learn the process of Europenization of “the Fortunate Isles” (Class notes and Crosby, chap. 4) Azoles island: brought in maize Medares

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