Army Recruitment Essay

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Army Recruitment Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

2. Problem Statement 3

3. Review of Current Practices 3

4. Strategic Plan for Change 6

5. Strategic Approach for Implementation of Changes 8

6. Final Recommendations 10

7. Summary/Conclusions 11

Recruitment of the United States military is a vital part of maintaining an all volunteer military force. Because of recent world events and the high operations tempo of the military, Army has had some problems with its recruitment. Convincing civilians to sign up to be a solider can be a tough job when it requires being sent 7,000 miles from home to go fight in a war zone. What can recruiters do to keep
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When people have other options some of them will inevitably take them. This causes a direct correlation between military recruitment and the national unemployment rate. When young healthy people that would be eligible to join the military can't find a civilian job, the military becomes much more appealing. Having a good awareness of the national unemployment rate is critical for military recruitment. During times of low national unemployment, the military may have to consider offering adding incentives and bonuses to attract quality personnel.
Other problems that recruiter's face, when trying to attract military personnel, is advanced education, youth trends of popularity and society views. The principal activities that "compete" with military service for recent high school graduates are further schooling and civilian employment. The trade-offs among these alternatives shift substantially over time because of both fluctuations in the civilian economy and secular trends in the aspirations of youth (Sackett, 2003, p.43). With the current events in the world today and in the United States the trade-offs of not joining the military seem to have the edge causing recruiters to work harder and the government to spend more money on meeting their goals. Due to recent problems with recruitment, the Army has increased the maximum age of recruits from 34 to 39. This five year increase shows that the Army is becoming desperate to
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