Army Safety Essay

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Appendix A

Section I
Required Publications
AR 385–10
The Army Safety Program

AR 385–40
Accident Reporting and Records

DA PAM 385–10
The Army Safety Program

DA PAM 385–40
Army Accident Investigation and

DA PAM 385–64
Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

DA PAM 385–90
Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program

FM 5–19
Composite Risk Management

Section II
Related Publications
A related publication is a source of additional information. The user does not have to read it to understand this publication.
AR 40–5
Preventive Medicine

AR 385–63
Range Safety (MCO 3570.1B)

AR 420–90
Fire and Emergency Services

AR 600–55
The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program
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(3) Contact appropriate staff members, including the safety office, criminal investigation, provost marshal, chaplain, and public affairs office.

b. Medical staff will—
(1) Dispatch medical personnel to the accident site as needed via ambulance or helicopter, whichever permits earliest arrival and evacuation of injured.
(2) Supervise removal and transportation of injured and provide emergency treatment.
(3) Transport injured to nearest (designated) medical facility for treatment.
(4) Estimate injury severity to facilitate accident classification.

c. In case of fire, the MSG USO/NCO will work closely with the civilian fire personnel. Additionally, he/she will—
(1) Respond immediately to the accident scene as appropriate.
(2) Conduct rescue and fire suppression as necessary.
(3) Supervise the accident area until fire, if any, is under control or until area is safe for entry by authorized personnel.
(4) Request additional fire-fighting equipment when necessary because of location or nature of fire.
(5) Maintain trained and equipped crash-rescue crew on alert.
(6) Provide appropriate training for personnel.

d. The provost marshal will—
(1) Dispatch security guards to assembly points as needed to provide adequate security and order at the accident site and to prevent pilferage of wreckage. Security personnel will remain on duty until relieved by the safety accident investigation board president.
(2) Train security

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