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Loyalty How is Loyalty defined in the modern military today? Loyalty is a characteristic and trait that cannot be forced upon a soldier nor feared into them. Loyalty is rather created and developed on the basis of trust from others around you including your superiors. Instilling and creating a trusting bond will allow the soldier to develop loyalty to oneself, their unit, and their chain of command. Per Loyalty is defined as, “Characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance, obligations, etc.” (“Loyalty", 2012, p. 01-01). When one initially joins the military, takes an oath and swears in; you state that you will bear true faith and allegiance to your country, the President of the United States,…show more content…
They want to become that fearless leader as you have shown them. Dr. Kaurin mentions how a leader good or bad affects their soldiers, “Kirkland argues that trust is the essential factor in maintaining ethical behavior and unit cohesion. If the soldiers can see their leaders share their and the institutional values, they are more likely to uphold these values on their own, which is more effective than coercion; in short, the leaders set the group identity and values” (Kaurin, 2006, p. 03-03). So the idea with loyalty is that if everyone is loyal to each other within a unit and amongst the junior enlisted and senior enlisted and that there is a unit cohesion, each solider will put in what was given out. Thus, the more you put in the more you will get out which will build upon teamwork and trust amongst each other. When a leader can instill trust in their soldier and get them to do something without instilling fear; the work quality will be greater and the output will be greater. Why? Because a soldier will trust a good leader’s word and even if the leader is not around all the time, the soldier will want to continue to do the right thing because the integrity and trust of the leader is greatly valued to the soldier and will conclusively generate the foundation of loyalty. Loyalty in the modern military is an Army Value that is greater

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