Army Where of Uniform

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The army physical training uniform is made up of many different parts. The most commonly used is the summer wear. The summer wear consists of a short sleeve shirt, black running shorts, reflective vest, white socks, and running shoes. The cold weather physical training uniform consists of improved running jacket, improved running pants, long sleeve physical training shirt, black running shorts, reflective vest, white socks, a black fleece cap, black gloves, and running shoes. Soldiers may not mix or match PFU and IPFU items. When soldiers wear either the PFU or IPFU as a complete uniform, they will keep the sleeves down on the sweatshirt or jacket, the legs down on the pants, and they will tuck the T-shirt inside the trunks. Soldiers may…show more content…
The patrol cap should be placed on the head in such a manner that the front and the rear and the top edge former unbroken line in the silhouette, and the bottom of the cap is parallel to the ground while standing at the position of attention. Personnel will not crush or shape the patrol cap to form peaks in the front or rear of the cap. The rank and the insignia on the beret and patrol cap are different for officers and enlisted personnel. The beret for officers and warrant officers wear a non subdued grade insignia centered on the beret flash. Enlisted personnel were their distinctive unit insignia (DUI) centered on the beret flash. On the patrol cap officers and warrant officers were non subdued grade insignia on a patrol cap in garrison environments, and subdued grade insignia in field environments. Enlisted personnel, wear subdued grade insignia of the patrol cap in garrison, also in the field environments. The black beret is the standard headgear unless assigned to units or positions authorized the tan, green, or maroon beret. Soldiers are issued beret up on assignment to their first duty assignment after completion of advanced individual training or officer basic courses. The beret is the basic headgear for utility uniforms in a garrison environment. The beret is not worn in the field, in a training environment, or environments that the berets are impractical. The beret is not worn on deployments unless authorized by the commander. The
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