Essay on Arne Duncan's Continuing Failure of Renaissance 2010

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Arne Duncan is the current Secretary of Education in Washington and was the biggest architect of the Renaissance 2010 movement within the Chicago Public Schools. He has been an effective leader for the charter school movement, or “turn around” schools as they begin to shape the education systems of underprivileged cities in the rest of the United States of America. There are many people who are in favor of the charter schools coming up through the education system, but there are others who are seeing the negative impact on their families and children. This renaissance is good for creating a better education for students, but the scale is heavily tipped to one side that is harming people who are/have been involved in Chicago Public Schools…show more content…
When schools are converted to charters or “turned around” they are following the educational reform of Arne Duncan to give better education to underserved areas in Chicago. The myth of this is that these schools are highly beneficial to the underprivileged areas when in fact they are doing a great amount of harm. In “Arne Duncan and the Chicago Success Story: Myth or Reality?” the myth is recognized by stating the impact on children and teachers; a statement from the article says, “Renaissance 2010 was (and is) marketed as an opportunity to bring in new partners with creative approaches to education. That's the myth” (Brown, Gutstein, Lipman, 2009). As stated, the myth here is schools should be operated as markets and the charter school system does this by getting rid of the difficult working ways and replacing them with creative partners. Brown, Gutstein and Lipman further explain why the charter school is harming the community saying how students are facing attendance and violence problems, “…there is no guarantee that a student who had their school closed will attend a charter school and those who had their school closed down have faced destabilization of spikes in violence…” (Brown, Gutstein, Lipman, 2009). This demonstrates the fault of charter schools because it shows how community warnings were ignored on what school closings will do to the neighborhood. A further statement on the problem with teachers and charters schools found in the

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