Arnold Friend Character Analysis

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English 21011
Friend Spells ‘Sociopath’ The persona of a sociopath appears to be much like any human. In many cases, one would not be able to "pick him out of a crowd." Their minds, however, differ greatly from the average mind. A sociopath is extremely smart and methodical and most often is very meticulous in the way in which he acts. While many people are not thinking beyond the norm, a psychopath thinks about his every breath, step, and word. In the short story "Where are you going, Where have you been?" by Joyce Carol Oates, the depiction of a sociopath is apparent. Arnold’s mannerism, thoughts and tactics create the perfect portrayal of a truly sociopathic character. Arnold Friend follows Connie from the
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Also, they have the power of blending in the crowd, and concealing themselves from others due to lack of transparency and inability for society to distinguish those sociopathic traits. Arnold Friend may seem ordinary, but his mind works differently from others. He is likely to think
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