Arnold Owing Education Money Essay

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a budget which included a $2.9 billion fund increase for schools. However Schwarzenegger broke his promise and took the $2 billion from Education funds just to help him avoid raising taxes. ¡§The initial proposal provided more money for public schools than the previous year, the governor said. But the education community maintains the governor promised public schools some $2 billion more.¡¨# Schools are already having a hard time with money and with Governor Schwarznegger¡¦s poor choices in politics definitely caused much rage and anger from Schools all around. Education is important and his decision making towards his proposal wasn¡¥t helpful it all and may put Education in danger. Meaning students…show more content…
Johanna VanderMolen from the Campbell Union School District says that ¡§She is billing Gov. Schwarzenegger $19 million for what she says the Campbell Union School District has lost in recent years to government funding cuts.¡§# I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger owes everyone an apology and owes schools more money. Education is important and for the Governor to take money from education definitely effects many people. I also think that if people do not get good education, they may have a hard time finding a job. What if losing $2 Billion really made a big drastic change in school?      I think that we can¡¦t elect Arnold Schwarzenegger for office anymore because he tends to mess his plans and so-called ¡¥promises¡¦ up. ¡§If the governor does back away from his merit-pay proposal, it would be the second proposed ballot measure that he¡¦s retreated from. He¡¦s already killed the plan to undo pensions for state workers.¡¨# I think he should of found another way to prevent raising taxes instead of going back on his word and taking money from education. He has many ads on television, on the internet, in magazines, and on the radio. If he could spend all that money on those ads, why not use that good money to help pay off something else? His idea of ¡§combat pay¡¨# doesn¡¦t seem to be getting much public support. I

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