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There was no way of knowing it at the time, but a baby boy born in Graz, Austria, was pre-destined for greatness. His father strongly encouraged him to become involved in athletics in order to develop a strong sense of determination trait that evolved into nothing short of a dogged pursuit of excellence in every aspect of his life. He participated in the sport of soccer and competed in track and field events before discovering his true passion for weight lifting at the age of 15. Three years later, he trained as a professional bodybuilder and by the age of 20, he became none other than Mr. Universe. That baby boy grew up to be ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

Early life

Arnold was born July 30 1947, in the little town Thal in
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Austria. Marnul was impressed by Arnolds body and asked him if he wanted to train in the Athletic Union in Graz. And of course Arnold wanted that.
Arnold trained seven days a week and for that he had to drop out of school and abandon the church.
Besides training Arnold began a three-year apprentenship as a carpenter. He competed in his first competition in Graz hotel and came in second place. In 1965 he enlisted in the Austrian army, and to compete in Stuttgart Arnold had to go A.W.O.L and for that he was jailed when he came back. But he won the competition and was awarded the title Junior Mr. Europa.
By the age of twenty he had been named Mr. Germany and runner up in his his first Mr. Universe. When he retired in 1975 he had been awarded Mr. Universe five times, Mr. Olympia six times and Mr. World once. But five years after his retirement in 1980 he won his seventh Mr. Olympia titel.
"The secret is to make your mind work for you -- not against you."
- Arnold's bodybuilding philosophy
Arnold's approach to bodybuilding was more mental than physical. For him, it was (and still is) all or nothing. While competing, he didn't go through the motions; he worked out to be larger than life.


Schwarzenegger would of course go on to become one of the most successful entertainers in box office history, but before the Austrian bodybuilder immersed himself in his lifelong ambition to act, he moved to the United States and

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