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Question 1
Arnold Palmer Hospital exists due to its customers who are the patients. Knowing the customers' expectations is very important for improving the hospital's services because as part of the total quality management at the hospital where process of continuous improvement, there is always room for improvement and perfection. If patient(s) is or are disgruntled by any service(s), the hospital should be thinking about ways to improve their process. Further, a patient's assessment enables the hospital to know whether their services would be recommended to others as word of mouth is the best advertising. Also, patients will not have the expertise to judge the quality of
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Patients today can judge better regarding their health care quality than anyone else. When patients are given quality service experience and provided with the detailed information on their health problems and the corresponding medical diagnosis and treatments they will be in a position to judge the health care he/she receives

Question 2
Customer satisfaction is everything. It is through the detailed survey that initiates quality initiatives and process changes based on this surveys of which the implemented change start at the grass root levels with staff closest to the area of need identified from these surveys. Arnold Palmer Hospital further builds the culture of quality by observing the four quality quadrants as analysed by the executive team namely service, quality, finance and human resources that make the organisation focus on same goals, vision and to be in the same line to achieve same result of quality culture. So, it would be very important for me to ensure that the hospital staff cares for the patients, and that the staff is responsive to the patient’s needs. Further, all the four determinants of quality have to be successfully met of which are:
Reliability: Creating a culture that radically reduces system failure and effectively respond when failures do occur is the goal of high reliability. The concept of reliability has to be used to make patient care better. It is used to achieve patient safety, quality, and efficiency goals.

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