Arnold's Argumentative Essay

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To start, Arnold thinks very lowly about his outer appearance due to underlying factors such as poverty and his medical conditions. In the beginning of the book, he says that he was born with water on the brain. He feels as if he isn’t fully completed and isn’t satisfied with the way he was made because of this traumatic incident. He simply can’t do anything about his physical defects and displays that the only thing he could do is live with them. Arnold refers to how he looks as a “capital L walking down the road,” whereas he thought that his “skull was enormous” (3). This shows significance because from the very start Arnold isn’t pleased with himself and already is unhealthy for a human being. He began to believe these things even more after…show more content…
When Arnold only guessed that he couldn’t and wouldn’t make it on the basketball team because he was that bad, this idea was completely turned upside down! He was the best shooter on the entire team. He realized that he “became a good player” in behalf of that “it had something to do with confidence.” He desired to “live up to expectations” (180). Arnold himself stated that his success on the basketball team allowed him to flourish as an individual whereas he wasn’t as horrible as he originally thought. He gained respect from his peers and it gave him hope to keep going. With his determination and focus on the court, slowly but surely was he able to become more self-assured. Likewise, although Arnold shows courage in the face of hopelessness, he wanted to persevere till the end. He never wanted to give up because on most days he was “terrified of falling. But I wasn’t scared of gravity that day” (220). He had the boldness to say that he was basically able to conquer anything and that he set aside all fear. To sum it all, Arnold was able to gradually view himself as important in the eyes of others rather than a garbage bag that could be stomped on throughout the novel. This is significant because it shaped him not to live by the previous definitions he put on himself and by
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