Arn's Hope In Never Fall Down By Patricia Mccormick

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At the beginning of the “Never Fall Down”, Arn Chorn-Pond on just a young, ignorant boy who knows little of the struggle he will soon undergo. But when his town is stormed by Khmer Rouge, his life is eternally altered. He soon faces many struggles like starvation, rape, exhaustion, among many other haunting things. He gains hope from the small things. Music saves his life and acts as his guardian angel. But as the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia, chaos strikes once again. When all hope was seemly lost, one thing rejuvenated Arn’s hope, Coca-Cola. Not only is “Never Fall Down” by Patricia McCormick one of the most provocative books I have read, It is an experience you need to have. This book explores a variety of topics that change my view on my
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