Around Ad 1200, Tahitian Explorers Came Across A Small

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Around AD 1200, Tahitian explorers came across a small tropical archipelago consisting of eight main islands and a few smaller islets. They settled there and the rich ethnic culture and religion of native Hawaiians developed in isolation, untouched by the outside world, for the next five hundred years. Each island had their own chief that ruled under the guidelines of the Kapu religion. Their mystical polytheistic views affected every aspect of life from lifestyle habits to lawmaking. But in mid-January of 1778 a group of European explorers led by Captain James Cook arrived on their island home. These visitors brought valuable trade opportunities, but also new technology and foreign disease. By the mid-1850’s the native Hawaiian population…show more content…
territory in 1898. It officially became the fiftieth state in the United States on August 21st, 1959, but secessionists had already begun fighting to regain its sovereignty. Hawaii is a land that many believe was corrupted by outsiders, occupied by a foreign military, and overcome illegally, in turn leading them to challenge the it’s statehood and strive for the return of its sovereignty. While there are a number of nationalist movements in Hawaii, there is none more popular or widely known than the Nation of Hawaii. Led by the charismatic Dennis Pu’uhonua “Bumpy” Kanahele, no other organization has made as much progress into the matter of recovering sovereignty for native Hawaiians. Beginning in 1989, while the push for federal recognition for American natives was happening across the United States Kanahele laid the foundation for the village of Pu`uhonua O Waimanalo that is now considered sovereign land on the island of Hawaii. His group occupied a number of places including Makapuu Point Lighthouse and Kaupo beach in order to protest the treatment of native Hawaiians and the destruction being done to their sacred land by big development projects. They agreed to stop the occupations in exchange for an area of land that had previously been ceded to the U.S. Kanahele and his advisors signed a fifty-five year lease with the

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